Updated 1st of January 2022

Terms for renting electric cars and participation in scheduled trips. By scheduled trips, we
mean all activities with scheduled departures published on our website.

1. Confirmation
Your booking is binding when you have received written confirmation from eMobility about the received payment. eMobility is then responsible for delivering the product/activities you have ordered, and at the same time, you are financially responsible for the booking. When making a booking, you also confirm that you have the authority to accept the order on behalf of yourself and possibly a travelling group. You accept that you are responsible for the payment for all travellers in your group and for ensuring that the reservation is in accordance with the booking. You are also responsible for ensuring that everyone in your group is kept fully informed of what has been booked, as well as any changes.

2. Cancellation
In accordance with the terms of paragraph 1, you will not be reimbursed for your costs if you cancel. If eMobility AS has to cancel, the entire purchase price will be refunded.

3. Cancellation insurance
You may purchase cancellation insurance from us or make sure you have it covered by your insurance company. It may come in handy to insure yourself against unexpected events.

eMobility Geiranger offers cancellation insurance of NOK 100 per booking.

The insurance you purchase via eMobility works the following way:

  • It covers all passengers listed in the order.
  • It can only be purchased online when you order the ticket and cannot be re-ordered for an already existing order.
  • You may only cancel the entire booking up to 48 hours before departure. Cancellation later than 48 hours before departure does not provide a basis for reimbursement of the purchase costs. It is not possible to cancel for individuals or make other changes to the booking.
  • To cancel the purchase and request a refund, you must send an e-mail to post@emob.no. In this e-mail, you are requested to write the booking number and attach your original ticket. As soon as we receive this email/cancellation from you, we will refund the money to the card used in the booking. This process may take between three and five days.
  • You do not have to state any reason why you want to cancel.
  • We will not refund the insurance cost of NOK 100.

4. Complaints
Any complaints related to the delivery from eMobility must be reported in writing within a reasonable time. All complaints are processed in accordance with the terms of the agreement that apply at any given time, and in accordance with Norwegian legislation.

5. Implementation of activities
eMobility has the right to change activities and programs based on weather conditions. All programs and activities may be changed or cancelled for safety reasons. If we must cancel a trip or activity, the entire amount paid will be refunded. The participant who has booked the trip will mainly be contacted via the e-mail address used when booking. It is therefore important that the participant checks his or her e-mail regularly for messages.

6. Responsibility
eMobility has liability insurance through its insurance agent and the vehicle is insured. However, see section 10.2. The customer must make sure to have additional insurance, including personal and travel insurance. eMobility cannot be held responsible for any loss or additional cost due to delays over which the company has no control, such as strikes, accidents, illness or other conditions that fall under force majeure. eMobility is not responsible for values brought by the customer, such as bags, glasses, cameras/phones, clothes, etc.

7. The customer’s responsibility
The customer is responsible for assessing whether he or she is physically and mentally fit to participate in the ordered activities, and the person in question must comply with the guidelines set by eMobility.

eMobility has the right to refuse a person to participate in an activity if the participant is a threat to the safety, either for himself or herself or for other participants, or if he or she acts in such a way that he or she is of a significant nuisance to the other participants.

Participants in activities arranged by eMobility or subcontractors confirm with their reservation that there are no medical reasons to doubt their participation in the described activity. Participants must follow the instructions from the personnel. In the event that the instructions are not followed, our personnel or the subcontractor’s personnel have permission to refuse the participant to join the trip further. In such cases, the participant is not entitled to a refund.

If a customer, at his own request, cancels his participation in an activity, he or she is not entitled to a refund.

8. Use of personal information
We process your personal information related to the rental in accordance with our privacy statement.

9. Disputes
Any disputes between the customer and eMobility are regulated by Norwegian law and with jurisdiction in the local court where eMobility is located.

10. Terms for renting a vehicle
By ordering the rental of a vehicle, the renter accepts these rental terms.

10.1 Rental period

  1. The rental period starts when you pick up the vehicle and ends when we acknowledge the return of the vehicle and keys.
  2. The renter is obliged to return the car, in the same condition and with all accessories and equipment that the vehicle was equipped with when the rental started, to the rental location or the agreed place at the right time.
  3. Upon return, the renter is obliged to report all damage that has occurred to the vehicle during the rental period.
  4. If the renter does not follow the agreed time or place, the rental company may require compensation for the use of time according to current hourly rates.
  5. If the vehicle and the keys are returned to the rental company outside ordinary opening hours, the return is considered completed when the rental company opens the first following working day, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the rental company and the renter.
  6. In cases where the vehicle has not been returned in accordance with the terms of the agreement, cf. the Enforcement Act § 13-1, the rental company has the right to pick it up after the agreed rental period has expired. The renter must cover the costs associated with this.

10.2 Responsibility for the vehicle

  1. The renter is responsible for all use and damage that may occur to the vehicle during the rental period.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed, the deductible when using the insurance is NOK 10,000. This also applies to vandalism and theft.
  3. If the renter has acted negligently in the event of damage, or has violated the lease terms, the Road Traffic Act or other Norwegian law, he or she may be required to pay a larger part of the damage than the agreed deductible.
  4. A deductible per claim will be
  5. In the event of intentional, gross negligence, gross violations of these lease terms, the Road Traffic Act or other Norwegian law, the renter has the full financial responsibility for the damage.
  6. If the renter is negligent and empties the car’s electricity, he or she may be charged for any costs in connection with the collection and transport of the vehicle. This applies, for example, if the renter does not follow the marked route on GPS or drives a longer route than stated in the lease agreement.
  7. eMobility has insured the vehicle, but in the event of damage to the car, the customer must pay a deductible of NOK 10,000. eMobility offers all customers a buyout of the deductible insurance for the price of NOK 150. In that case, the insurance covers the deductible requirement in the event of damage to the car. Renters who do not buy themselves out of the deductible insurance must pay the deductible in the event of damage of NOK 10,000.

10.3 Children in the car

The rear seat of the car is not suitable for children with a weight below 15 kilos, because it is not possible to mount a child seat in a safe manner. When having a child as a passenger in the car, it must therefore be able to sit upright without other aids. Children weighing more than 15 kilos should sit on a child pillow, and child pillows may be borrowed from eMobility.

10.4 Responsibilities during the rental

  1. The renter is obliged, as far as possible, to inspect the vehicle and check that all damages or defects to the vehicle are noted on the lease agreement or on an attachment to it.
  2. The renter is obliged to familiarize himself with the rules that apply to renting a Renault Twizy, and with Norwegian traffic rules in general.
  3. The renter has a special duty to present his/her driving licence. The renter is also obliged to familiarize himself with the requirements for a valid driving licence, and to know the Norwegian rules that apply to the use of alcohol/medicines and traffic behaviour.
  4. The rental company may refuse the renter to drive the vehicle if he is unable to present a valid Norwegian or international driving license
  5. The renter must treat and use the vehicle in a safe manner and in accordance with Norwegian laws, lock the vehicle when not in use, and use the vehicle in a legal manner and only for agreed purposes.
  6. Only the person approved by the rental company as the car driver may drive the vehicle. The renter is responsible for all costs incurred by another driver using the vehicle in violation of this agreement or Norwegian law.
  7. The renter must stay on public roads and outside areas closed to public traffic.

10.5 Other

  1. The renter must pay for all incurred parking or traffic fines during the rental period and the administration costs of the rental company in connection with this.
  2. The rental company is not responsible for damage or loss of property placed or stored in the vehicle by the renter.
  3. The rental company has no liability to the renter regarding loss of time, money or anything else that may arise from – or be associated with – the rental, in addition to the liability outlined above.