It is safe and simple to drive the nifty electric cars in our fleet.
We will give you the training you need before you start your journey.
No CO2 emissions, just good, clean fun!

Renault Twizy

The car fleet of eMobility has a number of vibrant electric cars at its disposal. Renault calls the Twizy an “urban two-seater”, but it is just perfect for the wild mountainous area here and provides you with great experiences on narrow roads and (almost) inaccessible places – of which there are many in the Geiranger area. The open cabin lets the wind blow through your hair and you will feel close to nature. The two seats are placed one behind the other and make the car perfect for sharing your impressions of nature with a good friend.

The car is 100 per cent electric, with a battery that has enough power to take you on the routes we have made for you. It is easy to drive and park, requires little space and is one hundred per cent safe, with a three-point safety belt and airbag. In this vehicle, which is neither a car nor a motorcycle, you are guaranteed a special experience. This vibrant and unique vehicle can also get to places where large cars and buses have no access – that is worth a smile, too!

Twizy: 2 seats

Fuel: 100% electric

Driver licence: as for ordinary cars

Max speed: 80 km/h