eMobility provides you with a fun experience when you rent our small, quirky electric vehicles in Geiranger.
We tell you stories about the area through an in-car GPS guide – the new way to travel!

Leaving no footprint

We are all responsible for protecting our vulnerable natural surroundings. In the Geiranger area, we aim to develop and inspire sustainable and green alternatives. Therefore, eMobility provides you with an enjoyable experience by hiring small, electrical cars. We tell anecdotes and stories about the area through in-car GPS guides – the new way to travel!

The protected status we have been given by Unesco gives us a particular responsibility to take care of the flora, fauna and nature in this vulnerable area. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists arrive in the Geirangerfjord area to enjoy nature and experience World Heritage. They arrive in small and large cars, buses, motorbikes and boats, which leave a footprint.

eMobility takes responsibility for the environment seriously and wants to contribute to the Geirangerfjord World Heritage area to help fulfil the vision of tourism without leaving a trace. We want to be a prominent partner in the Green Fjord project, “A pure masterpiece”, and will work for a greener and more caring philosophy within the tourism industry.

When you choose to experience our popular tourist destination in an electric vehicle, you are part of developing a greener form of tourism that has no impact on the landscape. And we can have fun on the way to a greener destination!